The Week in Drupal: May 4, 2012

A look back at interesting modules, articles and other Drupal news of the last week: April 27 - May 4, 2012.  

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Drupal News

Drupal 7.14 and Drupal 6.26 released - A security release for D7, bugfixes only for D6. The security issues are described here: SA-CORE-2012-002.

Dries Buytaert: Announcing Spark: authoring improvements for Drupal 7 and Drupal 8

Update on DrupalCon São Paulo 2012

Drupal core announcements: Save the Date: Midwest Drupal Developer Summit in Madison, WI, July 26-27, 2012

Great Posts and Tutorials

Drupal Views now supports queries of Google Analytics report data

How to bootstrap Drupal in custom scripts

Selenium: testing Javascript with Simpletest on Drupal 7

Mobile Drupal optimization results

Achievements 7.x-1.5 released

Liberate your Drupal data for a service-oriented architecture (using Redis, Node.js, and MongoDB)

Commerce Module Tuesday: Commerce Card on File

Interesting New Modules

Menu Select - For responsive design websites, allows menus to be rendered as select boxes.

Save Form State - Auto save forms using the jQuery Sisyphus plugin, which is a lightweight jQuery plugin.

VoIP Poll - Facilitates the creation of polls that are accessible via web, phone and SMS.

Registration Commerce 2 - Integration between Entity Registrations and Drupal Commerce enabling paid registrations.

Article Templater - Allows content authors to create content templates and reuse them within any content type you have on your Drupal site.

Obnoxious Overlay - Best module description ever. Go read it.

addressfield_tokens - Extends the addressfield module by adding full token support. Lets you use pieces of the address separately.

Views Sexy Throbber - A modal HUD-style loading graphic for Views. It looks like this screenshot. (SFW) 

Commerce Actions - A bunch of actions to use with Rules module on your Drupal Commerce store.

Views Sprites - A sprite generator for Views. What?!

Yelp Reviews Plus - Provides a block which displays Yelp reviews about a specific business with the option of displaying review excerpts.

Conditional Variables - Allows for changing Drupal variables depending on configurable conditions. It currently utilizes Rules, but may support additional methods down the road, such as Context.

Role Delay - enables the configuration of one or more user roles that all new users are automatically granted after a specified period of time from registration.

Password Flow - In core, when a user clicks on the password reset link they end up on a page with a login button, which is potentially confusing. Password flow allows you to remove this additional step and send the user directly to their user edit page to reset their password.