CiviCRM - Manage Constituents, Contributions, Events & Memberships

Zengenuity is pleased to offer the CiviCRM constituent relationship management (CRM) solution to our clients. CiviCRM is open-source, web-based and designed to integrate with Drupal websites. Let us know what your needs are, and we can build and customize a Drupal and CiviCRM website for your organization.

CiviCRM's key features include:

  • Contacts: Store common contact data for donor management, case management, voter, and advocacy applications. Understand the relationships between any two contacts with built-in relationships or create your own unique custom relationship types.
  • Activities: Record standard activities (phone call, meeting, email) for any contact or create your own custom activities that meet your needs. External software can use the CiviCRM Application Programming Interface (API) to register activities with any contact, providing a comprehensive central repository of CRM information.
  • Extensive Configurability: CiviCRM is highly configurable, allowing you, in most cases, to configure it to work with your existing business processes. Unlimited locations, addresses, phone numbers, and emails allow most unique needs to be met. Create unlimited custom data fields in virtually any format, including radio buttons, drop-down menus, etc. All custom fields are searchable and can define a smart group.
  • Segmentation Tools: Create standard groups or "smart groups" based on any search criterias. The membership of a smart group changes automatically according to that moment’s search results.

In addition, CiviCRM comes with five power additional modules:


CiviContribute is an online fundraising and donor management component which allows you to quickly and easily create customized web pages to accept online donations. It is fully integrated with CiviCRM and creates or updates contact and donation records for all contributions, eliminating data entry time and errors. 


CiviEvent provides integrated online event registration and management for paid and free events. It allows you to quickly and easily create customized web pages for event registration, and then manage participants. Add custom fields to track extra information about an attendee (for example, meal preferences, special needs, etc.), and allow users to export events as iCal files and configure online calendar applications to "subscribe" to iCal feeds of your public events.


CiviMail is a robust mass-mailing component which allows you to engage your constituents with personalized email blasts and newsletters. Target mailings by including or excluding any number of CiviCRM group(s), personalize your messages using mail-merge tokens, and track when recipients open your message and click on your links. CiviMail also manages bounces and unsubscribe requests.


CiviMember provides flexible membership management for your organization, along with convenient online signup and renewal. With it, you can configure any number of membership types or levels for one or more organizations and/or chapters of an organization, customize membership statuses and rules and create customized web pages for self-service membership signup and renewal.


CiviReport enables the creation of rich reports like Donor Reports, LYBUNT (Last Year but not this Year), and many more. Most reports allow you to view the data in a table or as a bar or pie chart. All reports have print-friendly and PDF versions, and most also include CSV export for pulling your data into a spreadsheet application. CiviReport also supports automated report delivery, s you can configure reports to be delivered to one or more recipients via email.