Drupal Consulting

Do you need some help with your Drupal project? Our consultants have the broad range of expertise to help you create a website and system configuration to the meet the scalability, security, and maintainability needs of your organization.

Website and System Architecture

There are over 7,000 free modules available for Drupal, enabling a great range of functionality at minimal effort and cost. But, with so many modules out there, finding the one that does what you need can be difficult. Many modules also do similar things, so it can be tough to figure out which one is best. We have years of experience working exclusively with Drupal, so we know which modules work best, and we actively monitor Drupal.org for all new modules. (The best of which we post to our training blog). We can help you design the technical architecture of your Drupal application and supporting hosting platform to optimize for scalability and maintainability. Contact us to discuss a consulting engagment.

Custom Module Development

Sometimes, there just isn’t a module out there that does what you want. Maybe you need to integrate a Drupal website with your existing authentication server, business database, or accounting system. We have tons of experience doing this sort of thing. We can develop your custom module for you, or we can train and guide your team to build the module themselves.

High Performance Configurations

Drupal is designed to run on a standard web server with Apache and MySQL. While this simple setup is great for most websites, high traffic and complex sites often need special configurations to keep them running fast. We’ve built Drupal sites with a variety of high-performance configurations, using tools like Varnish, Nginx and Memcached. We can help you configure your site to minimize page load times and keep your users (and Google) happy.