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October's Most Interesting New Drupal Modules and Themes

Some of the most interesting new modules and themes I saw posted to drupal.org in October:

Views Manager [sandbox]

Gives you vertical tabs on the Views admin page, separating Views by their tags.


Allows for speedier page loads for authenticated users. First you send the fast, cached parts of the page, then fill in the expensive parts when they are ready.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Make your Drupal site ready for Accelerated Mobile Pages. Right now, it only adds the AMP javascript library, but the plan is to serve AMP pages directly from Drupal.

OG Multiple Paths [sandbox]

This module creates multiple paths for the same node using Organic Groups and Pathauto. It’s not best practice for SEO, but it’s nice in situations where content is posted to multiple groups, and you want the node path to reflect the group context the user is currently in.

Menu Link Field

Provides a field similar to the menu link form on node forms but for any entity type.

Human Behavior

An anti-bot technology that looks for mouse movement and mobile device touch events to determine if a bot is filling out a form.

Views Numeric Range Filter [sandbox]

It gives you a numeric filter for Views that includes a +/- tolerance. So you can say 100 +/- 10%, and it will give you results between 90 and 110. Neat!

Address Field Lookup [sandbox]

Integrates the Address Field module with validation services to correct address formatting issues.

Features Export Explode

Breaks your features into a bunch of different files, which makes it easier to see what changed when you review a git commit. For example, it breaks each view out into its own file.


An example theme for Drupal 8 that shows you how to use the new features of the D8 theme system. Heavily commented to explain your options.

Commerce Cart Link

Provides a new field formatter for Add to Cart fields attached to Commerce products and product displays that is a simple link, rather than a form. This way users can buy a product without invoking the full Form API on each product item.

CRUD log

Captures and logs all node CRUD operations, “create”, “read”, “update” and “delete”. This module logs the events in a custom table and exposes the data to Views. It allows you to select which operations will be captured, so you can turn off read events if that is too verbose.

User Moderation [sandbox]

A user moderation system that uses votes from other users to decide if a user is a spammer or not.

Responsive Menu Combined

Allows you to combine multiple menus into the responsive hamburger menu with tabs in it.

Mailsuite [sandbox]

Provides a unified administration interface for managing the templates of all the emails you send from your Drupal site.

Twig PHP Filter

Ha! If you love doing everything wrong and putting PHP code in your template files, this is the Drupal 8 module for you. If you’re slightly less crazy and only want to query the DB from your twig files, then the new Little Bobby Tables module may be a “better” choice.

September's Most Interesting New Drupal Modules

Some of the most interesting new modules I saw posted to drupal.org in September:

Views Advanced Routing

(for Drupal 8) Allows you to specify the routing configuration YAML for a Views page. Meaning, you can use custom access control callbacks, default parameters, etc. Sweet!

Commerce Responsive UI

Provides replacement interfaces for the parts of Drupal Commerce that are table dependent and non-mobile responsive by default. These include Responsive Cart, Responsive Checkout, and Responsive User Facing Orders.

Drupal 8 Contrib Porting Tracker

Not a module, but a centralized place for tracking the Drupal 8 porting status of contributed projects (modules, themes, distributions). The best place to find out that the Bad Judgement module is ready for D8!

Advanced Image Crop

This image field cropper lets the user do a different crop in each of the image styles configured by the admin. You better have some saavy users to comprehend this, but if you do, it looks awesome.

Webform Replay [sandbox]

Extends the Webform module by adding an option to “replay” selected webform values in situations where multiple webform submissions per user are allowed, and some of that information is likely to be repeated on each submission. By enabling webform replay for these fields, the user only needs to complete them for the initial webform submission, and on subsequent entries these fields will be pre-populated with the values from the previous submission.

Forbidden File Format

Flips the file field extension checking around so that you can allow all types of files except the extensions specified. So you could deny .js, .exe, .bat, and .com, but allow other types.

Tableau WDC [sandbox]

Tableau 9.1 includes a new Web Data Connector feature, which lets you build connections to data accessible over HTTP with JSON data and REST APIs. This module attempts to bridge the gap between Drupal and Tableau by adding a new views plugin (tableau_wdc) which renders content as a JSON with some extra meta information needed by Tableau. Once you have created your endpoints, you can add the tableau-wdc block to any page and it will automatically render a button for each data source together with all the necessary scripts to parse and prepare the data for import.

Nuke Drupal Frontend

Allows you to completely disable frontend HTML access to a Drupal site, for when you’re building a headless site, and you’re not using the Drupal-provided frontend.

Doubtfire [sandbox]

An alternative to the Masquerade module, with some useful UI additions.

Gmail Connector [sandbox]

Lets users view their Gmail inbox and messages in Drupal using the Gmail RESTful API.

DrupalCamp Michigan 2015: January 31 at Henry Ford College

Attention Michigan Drupalers! Mark your calendars for DrupalCamp Michigan, Saturday January 31 at Henry Ford College in Dearborn. For only $15, you get a full day of Drupal presentations, discussions and lunch!

Online registration/tickets will be available soon, and we’re currently accepting session proposals. If you’ve got an interesting presentation to share, please post it to the website here: http://2015camp.michigandrupal.com.

Decoupling Your Backend Code from Drupal (and Improving Your Life) with Wrappers Delight

If you've ever written a lot of custom code for a Drupal site, then you know it can be a tedious and error-prone experience. Your IDE doesn't know how Drupal's data structures are organized, and it doesn't have a way to extract information about configured fields to do any autocomplete or check data types. This leads to some frustrations:

DrupalCamp Michigan 2013: October 12 in Ann Arbor

Michigan Drupalers! Let’s get together for DrupalCamp Michigan, Saturday October 12 in Ann Arbor. A great program has just been announced, including sessions on security, integrating Drupal with external systems, mobile app development, and Drupal 8. Registration is $15, which includes lunch and t-shirt. It’s a small venue, and there are limited tickets, so register soon to make sure you can attend.

Drupalers from neighboring states, you’re invited too! Yes, even Buckeyes.

The Week in Drupal: January 4, 2013

A look back at interesting modules, articles and other Drupal news of the last week: December 29 - January 4. Included this week: a preview of Drupal 8’s javascript changes, a tutorial on using Mandrill for Drupal transactional emails, a theme to make Drupal 7 look like Windows 8, and a module to display responsive grids with Views.