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DrupalCamp Michigan 2013: October 12 in Ann Arbor

Michigan Drupalers! Let’s get together for DrupalCamp Michigan, Saturday October 12 in Ann Arbor. A great program has just been announced, including sessions on security, integrating Drupal with external systems, mobile app development, and Drupal 8. Registration is $15, which includes lunch and t-shirt. It’s a small venue, and there are limited tickets, so register soon to make sure you can attend.

Drupalers from neighboring states, you’re invited too! Yes, even Buckeyes. (we’ll try to be nice)

The full program is up at: https://2013.drupalcampmi.org/program
Tickets are available here: https://2013.drupalcampmi.org/register

The Scheduled Sessions

Keynote: The Power of Drupal in Higher Education
Chris Hartigan, General Manager for Higher Education at Acquia

Social in Your Site, The Right Way
Kevin Champion

Secure Your Site
Matt Farina

Editors: SWIM (show what I mean) versus WYSIWYG
Kieran Mathieson

DrupalGap - A Mobile Application Development Kit for Drupal
Tyler Frankenstein

Building a Curriculum Management and Publication System using ERP Data and Web Services
Micah Webner

Drupal and the LMS with LTI
Matthew Radcliffe

Drupal 8: What You Need to Know
Wayne Eaker

We will also have an after-party for networking, but we’re still working out the logistics of that.

The Week in Drupal: January 4, 2013

A look back at interesting modules, articles and other Drupal news of the last week: December 29 - January 4.

Frozen Drops

Drupal News

Drupal core announcements: January 15th deadline set for configuration metadata discussions

Great Posts and Tutorials

Whats Wrong with the Project Application Queue?

Looking at Drupal 8’s JavaScript Changes

How to: Use Mandrill to Get Drupal’s Messages Through

Interesting New Modules

Views Responsive Grid - Provides a views plugin for displaying content in a responsive(mobile friendly) grid layout.

Opengraph Filter - An input filter that adds an summary of a webpage, from the urls found in the text. Like Facebook does when you post a link.

File Entity Preview - Provides a widget for file fields which displays a preview of the uploaded file as configured with the File Entity module.

GlewTiles - A port of DropTiles code to Drupal 7 as a theme with active Modern UI tiles similar to Windows 8.

MD WordCloud - Creates a block and page for each taxonomy vocabulary and shows it as wordcloud.

Introducing Our New Drupal Training Program: DrupalTutor.com

After months of hard work, I’m happy to announce the launch of our new Drupal training program: DrupalTutor.com. DrupalTutor.com combines the best of aspects of in-person and online training to make comprehensive Drupal training classes conviently accessible to more people at an affordable cost.

The Week in Drupal: December 29, 2012

A look back at interesting modules, articles and other Drupal news of the last week: December 21 - 29, 2012. Included this week: An overview of the Drupal Fivestar Module and a tutorial for adding a CSS class to nodes based on their view mode, modules to restrict registration to users from specific email domains, batch add taxonomy terms and cache Organic Groups views per group.

The Week in Drupal: November 2, 2012

A look back at interesting modules, articles and other Drupal news of the last week: October 26 - November 2, 2012. Included this week: Tutorials for integrating Drupal with Node.js and creating a slideshow with Views Slideshow. Modules to automatically replace specific words in your content with links, index external linked webpages with Apache Solr, and integrate MailChimp with Drupal Commerce.